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Posted on: December 13, 2009 7:48 pm

Broncos Define True Grit.. Lose to Colts

Kyle Orton got his mojo started a little bit too late but he and the Broncos' offense can say that they left it ALL on the field Sunday. Brandon Marshall caught 21 passes for 200 yards and 2 touchdowns setting an NFL record and a team record. Knowshon Moreno had some big plays at crucial points amassing 23 carries, 63 yards and 3 catches for 13 yards. Orton looked like he had improved his game tremendously EXCEPT for the interception he threw at the goalline.

D.J. Williams had an phenomenal day dishing out punishment all over the field. Brian Dawkins had a decent game including an inception of Peyton Manning but was beat badly by Dallas Clark on a pivotal 4th down. Elvis Dumervil had a difficult time avoiding the constant double teams. Vonnie Holliday and Kenny Peterson did a good job of applying pressure but Jeff Saturday and the rest of the Colts offensive line held when it counted.

Jacob Lacey and Kelvin Hayden had a terrible time trying to stop Brandon Marshall. Clint Session doled out his own form of punishment and was seemingly unimpressed by Denver's efforts in postgame interviews, "they lost," he said. Hopefully, the Broncos will take what they learned today, especially Orton, and apply it to the Eagles, Raiders and Chiefs to ensure a playoff birth.

I was personally impressed by the Broncos defense who gave Orton a few extra chances to make a comeback. Champ Bailey covered Reggie Wayne very well but ultimately slipped Bailey's coverage on Indy's last drive of the game. Andre Goodman played very well covering Pierre Garcon and getting an interception on the day. Our offense looks like a ferocious monster as soon as they get warmed up. We'll see if the Broncos can get fired up early for the rest of the season and keep up their intensity.

Posted on: November 27, 2009 2:44 am

Broncos Defeating The Giants.

Glory to God, Joy to Broncos fans like me and my uncle who attended the game. Mile High at Invesco Field is pretty cool. If I had my choice of season tickets I might just take Section 323 Row 1 Seat 10 in the Northern End Zone. Awesome view. Bird's eye.

The weather was perfect, 40 degrees and the fans were enthusiastic like the days of old. Josh McDaniels did a fantastic job balancing the tandem of running backs between Knowshon Moreno and Correll Buckhalter. I showed up to the stadium an hour before kickoff and would recommend it to any die hards. It was fun to watch the enthusiasm amongst every Bronco player. It really did seem like they were, "family" as Spencer Larson and Brandon Marshall described the team philosophy.

Speaking of Marshall, something special is going on in this man's life. He has adopted his cousin from Philadelphia Rayshon Williams who scored some impressive touchdowns for Mullen High School and Coach Dave Logan during their last game. Marshall is interested in giving back and that's great news(see Rocky Mountain News).

You could really sense a total team unity during warmups. Marshall and McDaniels chatting in the middle of the field, Brian Dawkins floating around encouraging his teammates, Moreno dancing around the field warming up to the latest Jay-Z/Rhianna track, it was contagious. Later in the game, Marshall would make two one handed catches, Moreno would slash his way through the Giants' defense, and Dawkins would make a hit on Steve Smith that set the tone for the Broncos' passing defense.

Darrell Reid held two huddles with fellow defensemen and it was obvious they were all excited to play an otherwise competitive New York Giants team. However, during warmups the Giants seemed mesmerized by the gleeful Broncos.

It really seemed like a complete highlight real during a game where Elvis Dumervil recorded his 13th sack of the season which is an NFL leader. It was nice to see Brandon Stokley score tonight and Matt Prater had a All-Star caliber game too.

Wow, awesome. Next week the Broncos face the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead. If their 12th man is anything like ours was tonight, then it could be a tough battle especially since the Chiefs recently defeated the strong Cincinnati Bengals. Carson Palmer and Chad Ochocinco seem to be partners again. And then its off to play the Indianapolis Colts. Guaranteed that Peyton Manning watched his brother Eli Manning struggle tonight.

It's nice to be moving forward from 7-4.

Go Broncos.

Posted on: November 23, 2009 11:03 pm

Coming to the Broncos Defense!

Sunday's game against the Chargers was tough to watch: Kyle Orton sidelined, Chris Simms' fumble, Knowshon Moreno's fumble, Josh McDaniels' onside kick at 13-3, skirmish encited by Brandon Marshall, etc, etc.

I think that it is important to say that these are all mistakes that the Broncos can learn a lot from and flourish.

It also must be said that this season has a lot of pressure surrounding it and that the 6 win start can not be tarnished by the recent skid of losses.

So what did the Broncos learn? This is what I suggest:

1) If Chris Simms had NOT started, then Broncos Fans and Coaches wouldn't have seen that WONDERFUL rushing attack leading up to Simms' fumble. This is a good thing. Josh McDaniels leans towards a passing offense because of his history with Matt Cassel and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots'.

I trust in the play calling ability of McDaniels but he could definitely take a second and assess the state of the National Football League. EVERYONE has turned into a "West Coast" pass happy offense. Why not take a moment and capitalize on that and consider how well the Broncos offensive line blocked for Moreno and Correll Buckhalter last Sunday. Believe it. Mike Shanahan saw something there and just couldn't figure it out after Terrell Davis retired.

2) The Denver defense is still very solid. Brian Dawkins brings with him the "Bend but don't break" philosophy that I always thought was a Philadelphia Eagles thing. It's NOT. It's Dawkins leadership. The Chargers were held to field goals for the most part and the defensive line faught hard and well.

Now, here's my vision: 3rd and 10, Antonio Gates lined up on the left by himself in single coverage by Andre Goodman or Champ Bailey. D.J. Williams has the microphone in his helmet. Why does he not audible someone to double the inevitable toss and catch from Phillip Rivers? That's the sort of thing Troy Polamalu would've seen and Dan Fouts mentioned immediately during the game.

Anyways, I think there's a lot of positive spirit still luminating the Broncos team. Maybe they'll focus and beat the New York Giants on Thanksgiving? I hope so.

Go Broncos.

Oh ya, and McDaniels can not continue to ignore Brandon Stokley. Peyton Manning would NEVER!

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