Posted on: December 7, 2009 10:07 pm

Nuggets Defense Puts a Stop To the 76ers Offense.

Allen Iverson's return wasn't bad: 11 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds, but the 76ers lost to the Nuggets 93 -83. The first half was definitely stifling for the Denver offense. Carmelo Anthony held to 14 points, ending his 20 game, 20+ streak. Bummer.

HOWEVER! Chauncey Billups  scored huge for the Nugs, 31 points, and Ty Lawson had 12 very, very important 4th quarter buckets in which he took on the big men, scored, and did NOT get the foul. Lawson also put a nice block down on Allen Iverson, who had 11 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds.

Despite a dislocated finger, Kenyon Martin came back into the game and provided some big 4th quarter rebounds and paint presence.

The Philadelphia squad looked good but you've got to blame Eddie Jordan for NOT playing Thaddeus Young more (21 points), heck, leave him in the entire game if you wanted to win. Samuel Dalembert had an awesome game with 8 points, 15 rebounds, and 6 blocks, and Andre Iguodala scored 31 points. Why didn't Jordan leave them in, even if it risked fouling out, you're on a 9 game skid. Well, make it 10.

One more thing, Willie Green, Dalembert, Thaddeus, Iguodala and Brand make a scary starting unit. Let Iverson start but then put him on the bench. He's a great exclamation point to the team but shouldn't start.

The Nuggets have beaten the Spurs and the 76ers on the road, so the haters need to quiet down about their abilities on the road.

Denver's defense came through huge in the second half. Props to Chris Andersen, Nene, Lawson and Billups for their huge defensive rebounds which accounted for 30 out of 41 on the night.
Posted on: November 23, 2009 11:03 pm

Coming to the Broncos Defense!

Sunday's game against the Chargers was tough to watch: Kyle Orton sidelined, Chris Simms' fumble, Knowshon Moreno's fumble, Josh McDaniels' onside kick at 13-3, skirmish encited by Brandon Marshall, etc, etc.

I think that it is important to say that these are all mistakes that the Broncos can learn a lot from and flourish.

It also must be said that this season has a lot of pressure surrounding it and that the 6 win start can not be tarnished by the recent skid of losses.

So what did the Broncos learn? This is what I suggest:

1) If Chris Simms had NOT started, then Broncos Fans and Coaches wouldn't have seen that WONDERFUL rushing attack leading up to Simms' fumble. This is a good thing. Josh McDaniels leans towards a passing offense because of his history with Matt Cassel and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots'.

I trust in the play calling ability of McDaniels but he could definitely take a second and assess the state of the National Football League. EVERYONE has turned into a "West Coast" pass happy offense. Why not take a moment and capitalize on that and consider how well the Broncos offensive line blocked for Moreno and Correll Buckhalter last Sunday. Believe it. Mike Shanahan saw something there and just couldn't figure it out after Terrell Davis retired.

2) The Denver defense is still very solid. Brian Dawkins brings with him the "Bend but don't break" philosophy that I always thought was a Philadelphia Eagles thing. It's NOT. It's Dawkins leadership. The Chargers were held to field goals for the most part and the defensive line faught hard and well.

Now, here's my vision: 3rd and 10, Antonio Gates lined up on the left by himself in single coverage by Andre Goodman or Champ Bailey. D.J. Williams has the microphone in his helmet. Why does he not audible someone to double the inevitable toss and catch from Phillip Rivers? That's the sort of thing Troy Polamalu would've seen and Dan Fouts mentioned immediately during the game.

Anyways, I think there's a lot of positive spirit still luminating the Broncos team. Maybe they'll focus and beat the New York Giants on Thanksgiving? I hope so.

Go Broncos.

Oh ya, and McDaniels can not continue to ignore Brandon Stokley. Peyton Manning would NEVER!

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